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Off Road Basics for Beginners Series

Beginner Off Road Basics

Off Road Basics: Navigating Terrain

Off Road Basics: Trail Etiquette
(also reprinted with permission in July 2014 CORVA Off-Roaders In Action)

Off Road Basics: Post Trail Vehicle Maintenance

Off Road Basics: Axle Articulation - Got Flex?

Trail Reviews, Adventure and Exploration

Big Bear's Holcomb Creek Trail 

Climbing Up Big Bear's John Bull Trail 

Big Off Roading Adventure in Big Bear

Tackling Johnson Valley's Bullfrog Trail 

Holidays on the Trail in search of the Crusty Bunny Ranch

Travelling Harry Wade's Exit from Death Valley

Exploring the Arawatz and Owlshead Mountains

The Ultimate Road Trip: Off Roading at Carrizo Plain

Off Road in the Santa Ana Mountains

Finding New Trails at Ocotillo Wells SVRA

Conquering the Iconic Sledgehammer Trail 

Holidays on the Trail - The Historic Mojave Road

The Historic Mojave Road - Soda Lake to Marl Springs

The Historic Mojave Road - Marl Springs to Goffs

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park - Inspiration Wash and Fonts Point

Exploring the El Paso Mountains

Black Canyon and Scouts Cove

Inscription Canyon and Rainbow Basin

Grapevine Canyon Trail - Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Surviving the Nadeau Trail

Holidays Hunting for the Kopper King Mine

Last Ride for 2015 - The Bendire Canyon Trail

Exploring the Mine Wash Trail

Fissure Mountain: The Original Hammer Trail

Bird Spring Pass Trail

Dove Spring Pass Trail

Counting Jeeps on the Sheep Spring Trail

Stranger Than Fiction: The Trona Pinnacles

Mangled Metal and Windy Memories on the Grass Valley Trail

The Tortoise and The Jeep: Koehn Lake Trail Hunt

Geology Touring in Joshua Tree National Park

Berdoo Canyon Trail Review - Joshua Tree National Park

Mining for History in the Mojave Desert's Kessler Peak Trail

Volcanic Wheeling in the Mojave: Aiken Mine Trail Review

Wheeling at Death Valley Mine Trail

National Preparedness Month

Preparing for Off Road Emergencies - Part 1

Preparing for Off Road Emergencies - Part 2

Off Road Lifestyle Articles

SURVIVE+THRIVE Off Road Trailer Build

6 Hot Off-Road Vehicle Trends - 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Expo

4 Wheel To Heal Brings Off Road Therapy

The Real Story Behind King of the Hammers

Meet the Youngest KOH Contender: Mel Wade IV

52nd Tierra del Sol Desert Safari

First Ever Off Road Cars and Coffee

Rock Crawling at the 2nd Annual Asuza Canyon Family Fun Day

The Road To SEMA | JK Build x2

A JK Build That's a Level Up

Offroad Trends Surface at Off Road Expo - 2014 Lucas Oil Off Road Expo

Tin Benders Jamboree Shares the Love of Johnson Valley

2015 Tiera del Sol Desert Safari

Jeep Debuts Seven New Vehicles at Easter Jeep Safari

It's a Jeep Thing

Ten Reasons to Take Your Top Off on National Go Topless Day

7 Great Android Apps for Your Off Road Adventures

8 Great iOS Apps for Your Off Road Adventures

Why Body on Frame Off Road Vehicles Matter

SDJC Urban Poker Run Draws a Full House

Creative License - Some of our Favorite Vanity Plates

Nine Ways to Ensure Fire Safety While Off-Roading

2015 KMC Wheels Summer Jeep Bash

Upgrading to a Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

Custom Jeep Storage Solutions

6 Ways Geocaching Can Improve Your Off Road Navigation Skills

Ten Tips for Surviving Desert Wheeling

2015 Lucas Oil Off Road Expo

Great Campfire Meals: Pie Iron Recipes

Trail Finder: Tips for Planning Your Next Off Road Adventure

Barbie Jeep Racing: The KOH Race You Didn't Hear About!

'Wheeling With Sol: The 54th Annual Desert Safari

Pack Mule: How to Fit Overland Essentials in a Compact 4x4

Go Topless: It's a Jeep Thing

Two To Travel: A Wrangler With Serious Trail Tales

2016 KMC Jeep Bash: Long Beach Invasion

Snorkeling in the Desert: Get Your Jeep Breathing Better

Putting OPTIMA's Digital Chargers to the Test

2016 Off Road Expo: Where Trucks Are King

Trail Testing the Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Off Road GPS

Bill driving my jeep across Soda Dry Lake so I can shoot.

Trail Adventures on my Blog
A not-comprehensive list of the stories and photos of my off pavement adventures. Some have more photos than words. Some only give a hint to the location. Over the years I've become more jaded about the vandalism and lack of respect that I've seen in remote historical and natural locations, and I'm not as inclined to divulge specifics as I was when I first started exploring. 

Mojave Desert

Mojave Road - Part I
Mojave Road - Part II
Mojave Road - Part III
Mojave Road - Part IV
Mojave Road Finish and Kelso Dunes Wildflowers
Mojave National Preserve - Aikens Mine Trail:  Cinder Cones and Lava Tubes
Mojave National Preserve - Kelso Dunes
Mojave National Preserve - Foshay Pass and Hole-in-the-Wall
Mojave National Preserve - Kelso Ghost Town
Turtle Mountains: Lost Arch Inn, Sunflower Spring and Mohawk Spring
Route 66 , Amboy Crater, Lost Arch Trail and Sunflower Spring Trail
Last Chance Canyon, Sheep Springs, Burro Schmidt Tunnel and Nightmare Gulch
Black Mountains Rock Art District - Part I, Casa del Desierto
Black Mountains Rock Art District - Part II, Black Canyon
Black Mountains Rock Art District - Part II, Scouts Cove
Crucero Region - F-4D crash site, photos
Cinder Cone National Natural Landmark
Cuddeback Lake
Cuddeback 2 - I didn't know the desert got that cold
Cathedral City at Night - Trona Pinnacles 
Camp, Trona Pinnacles
Milky Way and Perseid Meteors at Red Rock Canyon
Crusty Bunny Ranch - The Rest of The Story

Anza-Borrego and the Sonoran Desert

South Coyote Canyon and Sheep Camp
South Coyote Canyon, Sheep Camp and the Slot, Part II
South Coyote Canyon - Directions
Sand Hill and the Slot
Bradshaw Trail - Eagle Mountain Railroad (photos)
Bradshaw Trail - Flying Cloud (photos)
Bradshaw Trail - Bombs (photos)
Bradshaw Trail - Crossing (photos)
Joshua Tree National Park - Desert Lite
Joshua Tree National Park, Scouting Report Day I
Joshua Tree National Park, Scouting Report Day 2
Lower Colorado at Picacho, Indian Pass Trail
Dawn at Taylor Lake, Indian Pass, Picacho
More photos from Taylor Lake
Shooting the Milky Way at Joshua Tree National Park

Big Bear
John Bull
Gold Mountain

Eastern Sierra Mountains
Coyote Flats and Funnel Lake

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