I spend a lot of time off the grid in harsh remote locations. Not only do I need dependable gear that can stand up to my level of abuse, sometimes my life literally depends on my gear. I am very grateful to these industry-leading companies for their sponsorship. If the products weren't top-notch, I wouldn't use and recommend them.

Spider Holster

My Spider Pro Dual Holster lets me run around an off road race course, scramble up waterfalls, and tackle rocks with ease while allowing me to keep both hands free. Read my review of the first time I used this holster system to photograph the weeklong King of the Hammers off road race in Johnson Valley, California.




Genesis Off Road

My Genesis Off Road JK Dual Battery Kit gives me peace of mind when I'm out on the trail many miles from civilization in places where AAA doesn't go. Check out my write-up on this kit on DrivingLine magazine


www. genesisoffroad.com 


Optima Batteries        

Two Optima Yellow Top Batteries means I'll never be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery, and they give me all the juice I need to keep all of my photography and communications gear fully charged when I spend multiple days off the grid. These are the batteries I use with my Genesis Off Road Dual Battery Kit. 


Goal Zero

For equipment chargers that can't be plugged into the accessory outlet or hardwired to a battery in my Jeep, I use a Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator. This is the perfect solution for base camp and I never have to worry about using gear that only uses a wall wart charger. 


Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator
Biolite Stove and KettlePot


The amazing BioLite CampStove lets me cook an entire meal with nothing more than a few twigs, and it's matching 1.5L Kettle Pot has too many uses to list. Even better,  the stove uses the heat to generate electricity which can be used to charge a phone. Everyone who has seen this stove in action wants one for themselves!


Adventure Medical Kits

Hands down the best first aid kits for outdoor adventurers, nothing else is even close. I carry a Mountain Series Comprehensive because I'm often out with groups when I volunteer with 4 Wheel To Heal.  




The Magellan eXplorist TRX7 is a GPS navigation unit designed specifically for off roading and has a database of over 82,500 trails. It also has a web-based user community for sharing trails. The 7" Android tablet has a ruggedized case and a genuine RAM mount that can handle the toughest abuse I've thrown at it while bouncing over rocks. What I love best is that I can add notes and photos directly to my tracks, then share them with the community. If you're a TRX7 user who wants to follow any of the trails I've written about, search for my tracks under my user name "DustyTrails". Read my full trail tested review (300+ dirt miles) on DrivingLine. 

Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Off-Road GPS Navigation

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